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Tip #1: Eat Everything

Easy ways to boost weight loss The thing about FAD diets, or as I like to call them, BAD diets, is that they encourage you to cut out an important food group or worse, only eat one type of food.

If you remove anything from your diet, it will of course leave an impact on your body, and this impact might be the sudden loss of weight but this impact is short lived. This is because all of those food groups have a role to play in the breaking down of fat. Take one of those roles away and it just stops working.

The more and more bad diets you do, the less practice each of those roles get and your system will eventually stop being able to burn fat preventing you from losing weight.

Don’t get me wrong – some foods are bad for you, but it’s important to know which ones and how to make the best of what’s on offer.

Tip #2: Don’t Overeat

How to Lose Weight Fast You may be thinking this sounds obvious – it’s the last thing you’re thinking of doing when you want to lose weight. But to counter tip 1, it’s important that when you adopt the philosophy of eating everything, you don’t overdo it.

There are some nutrients you need more of, like calcium, to help break down fat. If you start eating bucket loads of yoghurt though, you may start clogging up your system, damaging your blood cells.

There’s also hidden calories in everything – that small square of chocolate you nibble on between meals or the second helping of the ‘nutritious’ meal you served yourself is going to add up over time.

Don’t starve yourself either or you risk bloating your flat cells when you do eventually eat. 1,500–2,000 is your sweet spot right there and try to keep as consistent as possible.

TIP #3: Learn To Cook

The Best Way to Lose Weight Safely It’s a fun hobby and the best way to keep the calories at bay. Eating out is great and I’m not saying don’t ever eat out again – but the more you can eat at home with food you’ve cooked yourself, the more weight you’ll lose.

This is because we don’t know what other people put in when they serve you their food. Too much salt, too much sugar.

The grilled salmon you make at home is bound to be more nutritious than the grilled salmon you eat at your favourite restaurant.

Cooking at home doesn’t mean nuking your favourite ready meal either. Processed foods like microwave ready meals are laden with harmful flavour enhancers that you need to avoid while you’re on your way to a permanent thin you.

TIP #4: Be Active

Exercise to loose weight Its true fitness and health is 80% food and 20% exercise – but it’s still 20% exercise.

Incorporating exercise needn’t be daunting, particularly if you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. Just up the game a notch and keep upping it until you’re at a level of activity you’re comfortable with.

Start with an extra stair climb, a walk into town instead of taking the car and gradually start building in easy exercises, a mix of cardio and strength. Keeping your heart rate up is important to burn calories but building muscle makes you burn calories for longer.

Keep it enjoyable. We’re talking about a fitter you for life so finding something you love doing will make it all a little easier.

TIP #5: Be Happy

Tips to Losing weight with healthy lifestyle. This may sound trite but research shows that the more stress we feel, the more likely we are to reach for foods that are only going to increase anxiety levels, lead to depression and also increase our weight.

Comfort foods like cake, candy, potato chips – foods that give the illusion of satisfaction and energy, actually have the effect of increasing insulin and depleting energy levels in the long run.

Having a balanced lifestyle in every way is therefore, important to losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle.

How did you find those tips? Common sense once it’s laid out in front of you.

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